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SR Apartment

At the request of the client, purchaser of one of the apartments forming part of a residential complex under construction, the intervention involved the remodeling of the internal environments compared to the purchase plan originally envisaged by the contractor. Specifically, the project saw the definition of the spaces, in particular the living room, the hub of the house, intervening with ad hoc furnishings designed to comply with the request for greater storage capacity and more functions useful for daily living. For this purpose the entrance furniture was designed as: coat rack, bookcase, storage unit and desk. From the request for a kitchen with island and the desire to create a comfortable living room with all comforts,
the choice to merge the two areas through the TV cabinet with attached table. Finally, the service spaces were redesigned through the use of built-in wardrobes and bathrooms, one of which as requested, with a large shower completely exposed to the master bedroom.

Location: Paderno Dugnano, Lombardy, Italy

Year: 2021

Type: residential

Type of assignment: internal restructuring

Client: Private
Designer: Davide Cambiolo

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